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Dead Reckoning
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This book is a page turner, I can’t wait wait to read the second book in this series – Barb, Amazon Reviewer

Dead Reckoning

The real Florida lies far from the interstates, where there are no dancing mice, bikini-covered beaches, or shopping malls. If you listen closely, beneath the cries of hungry gulls and the rustle of wind through the palm fronds, you might hear it whisper its secrets.


Lieutenant Evan Caldwell is a man adrift, cut loose from a life he thought he knew. His wife has lain comatose for months, and the accident that put her there has raised questions that she’s unable to answer. Now, with his wife in a nearby hospice, Evan has moved to a boat in the quiet Panhandle town of Port St. Joe, where he works as an investigator with the local sheriff’s office.


Evan’s hopes for peace and solitude are shattered when the current sheriff is found murdered. Worse, Evan’s put in the position of interim sheriff while he investigates the murder of his former boss.


Evan keeps coming up with more questions than answers; questions about what really happened in the dark privacy of the swamp, and questions about what really happened to his marriage and his wife.


As the answers begin to surface, he discovers secrets as deep and twisted as the roots of the ancient cypress trees that litter the landscape - secrets that no one wants revealed.

Dead Center
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An exceptionally good suspense – Avid Reader, Amazon REviewer

Dead Center

The quaint coastal town of Port St. Joe, FL isn’t the kind of place where people go around getting stabbed to death.

So, when Jake Bellamy – an insurance agent and beloved father – is found murdered in the dewy grass of a local park, it comes as a bit of a shock.


Now it’s up to Evan Caldwell, the new Sheriff and recent transplant, to solve the case. All he wants to do is live peacefully on his boat and tend to his comatose wife, but that’s easier said than done when he’s tasked with solving the murder of a man with no enemies. 


Evan struggles to find a motive for the brutal slaying, but when the killer strikes a second time, even the theories he thought he had fall apart. The only thing he knows for sure is that no one will be safe in Port St. Joe until he closes this case.

Dead And Gone
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Dead and Gone Is The Best of This Series – Pat Wood, Amazon Reviewer

Dead And gone

It’s just another day in Paradise, if Paradise was in Detroit.


In the quaint, coastal town of Port St. Joe, FL, Sheriff Evan Caldwell had been called out to the fancy new development to appease its influential owner and look into his missing shrubbery. He did not go out there to work a homicide, but since the old man in the pajamas probably didn’t bury himself, a homicide investigation is pretty much mandatory.


Finding out how and when the man died, and who killed and/or buried him, would be a lot easier if the Gulf County Medical Examiner hadn’t gone missing, and easier still if he hadn’t subsequently had the temerity to turn up dead.


Now Evan and his deputies have two deaths on their hands, and Evan’s life is further complicated by a county commissioner who thinks he knows something about law enforcement, a bright but morally ambiguous defense attorney trying to make a name for herself by ruining Evan, and a cat who seems unwilling to make himself more likable.

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